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What Does Appropriate Communication Look Like with a Loved One Who Has Dementia?

Homecare in Fairfield CT: Speaking In Front Of Your Senior With Dementia

Homecare in Fairfield CT: Speaking In Front Of Your Senior With Dementia

Communicating with your elderly loved one maybe wasn’t ever so difficult, but then she was diagnosed with dementia.  That adds a few other variables into the equation and makes everything more difficult. Some of these tips can help you to keep conversations with your loved one from running off the rails completely.

Avoid Talking “Around” Your Loved One

What this means is that you shouldn’t talk about your loved one as if she’s not right there.  Many elderly loved ones who have dementia experience this and it’s frustrating and hurtful to them.  For some elderly loved ones, it feels as if the people who love them are treating them like a child and that’s frustrating as well as painful.

Validate Your Loved One’s Feelings Whenever Possible

Validating your loved one’s feelings doesn’t mean that you agree with her feelings.  What it means is that you’re acknowledging and accepting that is how your loved one is feeling.  There’s no assigning right or wrong to the feelings when you validate them.  No one can say for certain that another person’s feelings are wrong and when you validate your loved one’s feelings, that’s a first step toward understanding how she feels.

Reassure and Support Your Loved One

Primarily what your loved one needs from you is reassurance and support for her feelings and that she’s in a safe space with you.  Having a feeling of support from you is going to encourage your loved one to communicate and to be more open with you.  This helps to provide the environment that you need.

Keep Interactions as Positive as Possible

When you approach every interaction with your loved one with as much positivity as possible, you can hopefully keep the conversation at that level.  This doesn’t mean that you never discuss complicated topics with your loved one or that you can ever deviate from positivity if you have to.  But in general, being positive is going to get you much further.

Working with experienced elderly care providers can help you to see appropriate communication in action and then you can add those techniques to your toolkit. They can also help to improve the relationship between you and your aging family member.

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